Our Management

Kettil Cedercreutz
Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Kettil Cedercreutz PhD, CEO holds extensive service as Professor, Associate Provost and Dean at the University of Cincinnati at the intersection of academia and industry. Cedercreutz holds a MSc degree in Industrial Economics and Manufacturing Engineering from Aalto University, the top
Engineering School in Finland. His PhD focuses on statistical analysis of
assessment data. Cedercreutz has a solid background in market-oriented
development of products and services.

Christopher C. Withfield
Chief Development Officer, CDO

Christopher C. Withfield, MBA serves as Chief Development Officer (CDO) for Temprian Oncology Inc. He has served as CEO and General Manager of Eli Lilly, South Africa having over his17 years with the compny held numerous corporate leadership positions. Most recently Christopher Whitfield worked at Gilead Sciences, Inc as Executive Director and Regional General Manager of Africa, focused on Global commercialization and Global Health Equity. Christopher's professional experience forms a perfect fit with the development objectives of Temprian Oncology, that includes the commercialization of melanoma therapies for delivery in off-site locations.

SonBinh Nguyen
Chief Scientific Officer, CSO

SonBinh Nguyen, PhD serves as Professor of
Chemistry at the Northwestern University, Evanston campus with a 3-decade track record in synthesis and materials/nanoparticle development. He has published more than 270 peer-reviewed manuscripts and holds several patents in the area of drug delivery. He is one of two the lead inventors of the prodrug supercarriers developed by Temprian Oncology.
Professor Nguyen earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry at the  California Institute of Technology. He has served as NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the Scripps Research Institute.

Caroline Le Poole
Chief Innovation Officer, CIO

Caroline Le Poole, PhD is a Professor of Dermatology, Microbiology
and Immunology at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine with
decades of experience in Investigative Dermatology and Immunologyresearch. She earned her PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Professor Le Poole has held numerous NIH grants focusing on various aspects of immunotherapy. Professor Le Poole earned her PhD at the University of Amsterdam. She is one of two the lead inventors of the prodrug supercarriers developed by
Temprian Oncology.

Paul Burton
Chief Financial Officer, CFO

Paul Burton JD, MBA has 19 years of experience in corporate finance, running small businesses, and working for firms such as Citigroup Corporate & Investment Bank and GE Capital. Paul Burton is a serial entrepreneur, with a track record of retargeting drugs for the pharmaceutical market. His background includes serving as a U.S. Regular Army Commissioned Officer (Infantry, First Lieutenant) and currently serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Northwestern University. He is in charge of organizing fundraising campaigns for Temprian.

Kelly Conger
Entrepreneurial Scientist

Kelly Conger, PhD serves as Entrepreneurial Scientist for Temprian Oncology Inc. She is in charge of the production as well as the in vitro and in vivo testing of nanoparticles, Her responsibilities  include the development of Temprian Oncology Laboratories at the Querrey InQubation Lab into an operation allowing scaleable drug manufacturing. Dr. Conger earned her doctorate at University of Illinois at Chicago. Her background in physiology, biophysics and cancer metabolism gives her a strong foundation for the development of drugs to treat metastasized Melanoma.